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Threshold of the Universe

1. Beyond Space And Time (6:44)
2. Starburst In Celestial Darkness (7:48)
3. Infinite Space (7:09)
4. Celestial Parallax (8:25)
5. Alien Star (7:51)
6. Parallel Suns (7:47)
7. Two Trillion Galaxies (9:23)
8. Dark Matter In Distorted Starlight (8:07)
9. Threshold Of The Universe (6:47)

Total playing time: 70:03

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Media: CD (gatefold wallet)

Catalogue Number: M-13

CD release date: 20 August 2021

Category: Ambient

Original album notes:

All tracks were composed & recorded by Jim Ottaway between August 2007 & June 2021. Mixed & mastered by Jim Ottaway June/July 2021. All tracks are live improvised studio recordings with minimal overdubs. An earlier abridged version of ‘Beyond Space and Time’ was released under the title ‘MFF2 – Scene 15’. Thanks to Liz Morris for assistance with album and track titling.

Equipment & software used for this production includes: RME Fireface 800, Studio One, Korg Karma, Yamaha MX49 & various VSTs.

Thanks to Fr Reg & Kevin (both living in eternity).

Experience a journey through infinite space to the threshold of the universe. Along the way you will see the spectacular parallel suns, visit an alien star, and get a glimpse of the two trillion galaxies in our universe. During this journey through space and time you will also see intriguing dark matter through distorted starlight, the celestial beauty of a thousands of stars in each of the galaxies, as well as many other wonders of the universe. Put on your headphones... sit back... relax... Enjoy the journey.

Photography: NASA.

Graphics and design by Jim Ottaway.

Additional notes:

'Threshold of the Universe' was featured as Album der Woche (Album of the Week) #33 on Germany's MODUL303 internet radio station. The album was highlighted in a number of shows throughout the week of 16 August to 22 August 2021.

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